45+ Best Xposed Modules For Android.[2017]

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  1. Rizky Aulia says:

    Ah thanks, this article is contains all of i need right now. I was rooted-user and using xposed at the past, but then i'm going to back to stock. After few month, i'm bored and then want to root my phone and customize with xposed as i used do, but i forgot those modules.

  2. Prithiv says:

    Thanks for this article .

  3. Ajay kumar says:

    wooo this article contains all important xposed module i have been using greenify app for battery save

  4. Subhnish meena says:

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  5. Subhnish meena says:

    It took an entire day to find these modules. Share it if you can.

    Greenify is one the best modules, I am also using this.

  6. Shobe Gallardo says:

    i love gravity box, ifont, youtube adaway and xstana

  7. Unknown says:

    Perfect article. Thanks a lot.

  8. Subhnish meena says:

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  9. Donat Callens says:

    adblocker reborn

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